Black German Shepherds haus von Wiese

Black German Shepherds haus von Wiese

Black German Shepherds haus von WieseBlack German Shepherds haus von WieseBlack German Shepherds haus von Wiese

Breeding exceptional Black German Shepherd imports


March 23, 2020 "E" Litter Plush coat

We have a confirmed breeding between our Plush coat (fluffy short hair) pair Winn-Dixie and Baghira von Wiese.  The "E" litter's expected arrival - week of March 23, 2020 .

Long Haired Litter Spring 2020!

Lotte & Godzilla Litter

We are proud to announce the black German Shepherd "D" litter, with Lotte vom Friedrichsfelder Eck and Godzilla von Wiese after their confirmed breeding is due March 2020.  

Godzilla is our stunning long haired black German Shepherd sire, with an incredible conformation and disposition. Godzilla is son of Germany's famous Salztalblick kennel's Premier breeding stud, V Unkas vom Riedschlurgi's, SchH3 bloodline. Godzilla is also grandson to the world famous V Paska vom Salztalblick SchH3 of Germany.

Lotte vom Friedrichsfelder Eck has just arrived from Germany March 2019 to join our family. Lotte is a fun, playful and energetic girl who loves to fetch sticks and incredibly fast and focused.

Thank you to the families that are giving love and new homes to our precious black German Shepherd puppies! 

Please call or text 704-577-6246 to reserve your puppy. 


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"Wotan is an amazing shepherd. My favorite so far. Great food and toy drive.  Amazing temperament.  The Best!!" 

~Mark Richards  (Feb 2018 litter)

Debbie was amazing, knowledgeable and personable the whole way through our puppy journey.... stop looking, you've found your breeder/kennel  

~Jerry & Christy Allison (To read full comments, visit Google Reviews) (March 2019)

Current Litter Updates

Breeding both Plush coat and Long coat litters in the Spring.

Big News!

Introducing Lotte vom Friedrichsfelder Eck from Germany, our new Long Coat Dam. 

Scroll down for more information on Lotte below.

Pricing & Deposits

Our non-refundable deposit is $500 to hold your placement of your desired litter. Please contact us for puppy prices.   All puppies go to their forever homes dewormed, up to date on vaccines, microchipped and with FULL AKC certificate.  No restrictions on full registration or breeding rights on your puppy.

Pedigree Database Links


Winn-Dixie von Wiese dam

Winn-Dixie is the perfect combination of both top V Paska vom Salztalblick son's.  V Nolan vom alten Wingertshaus's daughter and grand daughter of V Unkas vom Riedschlurgi.  She earned her IOP3 in Germany and is back here in North Carolina.  

Baghira Pedigree Database

C Baghira von Wiese sire

Grandson of world famous V Nolan vom alten Wingertshaus SchH3, four time competitor of the German Bundesseiger. Baghira is just as spectacular in disposition and confirmation as his father and world famous grandfather.


Godzilla von Wiese Sire

Godzilla is our sweetheart welcoming committee and long haired sire. Son of V Unkas vom Riedschlurgi, and just as stunning in person as in his photo. You don't want to miss this stunner!



Lotte vom Friedrichsfelder Eck

Lotte vom Friedrichsfelder Eck is the newest addition imported from Germany March 2019.  

Lotte is the daughter of Mirak vom Friedrichsfelder Eck IPO3 and Trixi vom Friedrichsfelder Eck IPO1. Lotte and per parents have all tested the highest for Hip and Elbow tests in Germany, A normal.

Fall 2019 Breeding

After settling in the the US lifestyle, Lotte will be bred to Godzilla in the fall of 2019 to produce a premier full long coat litter.

Stay tuned for details.

Long Coat Puppies

Please contact us if you are interested in a fall 2019 long hair black German Shepherd puppy. We are taking deposits for this highly anticipated and high demand, long coat litter.

Detailed Bloodline

Paska vom Salztalblick SchH3, KK1, FH1 Germany


We have chosen the best bloodline in order optimize and preserve the best attributes of Paska in his progeny .  He was a proven producer of temperament, drive, and strong working ability.

Paska is world famous even though he never left his country of Germany. Our entire breeding program was designed to accentuate his finest qualities in our puppies.

V Unkas Vom Riedschlurgi SchH3, KK1,FH1 Germany


Unkas was the premier stud dog for 2 years at the World famous Salztablick kennel in Germany before he was imported to the US. Large bodied, strong head, structure strength,  and striking male.  Unkas is a son of Paska vom Salztalblick.  65cm 43kg

Dual registered Germany & US


V Nolan vom alten Wingertshaus SchH3 (x5),IPO 3 (x2),KK1, FH2, Four Time Bundessieger Competitor- Germany


Nolan was a full bodied black male that truly embodied spirit, with powerful stride,  strong head, strong muscular legs, and incredible confirmation. Son of Paska vom Salztalblick. 64cm 36kg

Dual registered Germany & US


V Baghira vom Wetterauer-Land IPO3,KK1, Germany


Baghira is the son of Nolan. Baghira was highly trained in Germany and one of the most incredible dispositions of any dog we've owned to date! He is a once in a lifetime dog with impeccable manners, responsiveness, and superior confirmation.

Dual registered Germany & US


V Lona vom Salztalblick IPO3, KK1 Germany


Lona is the daughter of Unkas vom Riedschlurgi, grandaughter to Paska and mother to Winn-Dixie.  Lona has her fathers impressive head and stunning plush coat more like a fashion model's hair, than a dog.  She's a spectacular dam.

Dual registered Germany & US


V Celly vom Grafental IPO3- Czech


 Celly is a beautiful girl who throws both long and short coat in her litters.  Our very own Godzilla took after her long coat gene and her loving personality.

 Dual registered Germany & US

HD a1 -Ed a1

About Us

Experienced Breeders


Proudly breeding German Imported Black Shepherds from 2011.  Each import was carefully selected based on Titles earned, personality, drive, and versatility. 

Happy, Healthy Bloodline


The breeding program was exclusively designed to accentuate and better develop the bloodline of the world famous V Paska vom Salztalblick bloodline, of West Germany Working Dog Line.

A Furever Friend


Raised in our home and socialized with children, other animals including horses & donkeys, dogs and a cat.

Contact Us

Reserve Your New Fuzzy Family Member!

Our babies are adopted quickly, please reach out to us to reserve your 'furever' friend or to ask questions. 

Black German Shepherds haus von Wiese

Huntersville, NC 28078, US

(704) 577-6246 (HVW = haus von Wiese)

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